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Housing Service in Stockholm

Housing Service are specialists in communicating apartments in Stockholm's inner city and inner suburbs. We also convey villas and townhouses, for example, Danderyd, Täby, Lidingö, Bromma and Nacka. We work primarily in companies but also individuals are welcome to apply for and rent apartments.

Housing Service is a reputable company with more than 30 years experience in the Stockholm rental market. Our service level is high and we have many solid, satisfied customers. Everything from minor to major listed companies, institutions and embassies. Of the larger companies can, inter alia, include: Svea Skog, Ericsson, CEKAB, Nokia, Handelsbanken, Sigma, Trygg Hansa.

As housing, we have over the years built up a huge network of contacts with landlords, apartment owners and homeowners in the city of Stockholm. It will benefit you as a customer of housing services. We can always offer a wide range of both 1-2 rok as large representative apartments and villas. The leases (secondary) vary from one month to several years. Furnished or unfurnished, all according to your special requests! Through a personal officer, who takes care of everything for you, give you a complete service that you can not find anywhere else. The advantages are many! You avoid costly and time consuming advertising, answering service, selection of rental properties, and possibly expensive hotel costs. As a customer of housing service you get access to a large housing register. You save both time and money by using us!

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